What do your halls say about you?

Max Rayne residents will probably end up in the national news

So you’ve been here just over a week now, joined every society at Freshers’ Fair, and maybe got married to your flatmates.

You’ve probably also started to feel a bizarre sense of loyalty to whichever hall you were randomly allocated to at the start of the year – be it St. Pancras Way, complete with en-suites and double beds, or the gulag-style Max Rayne House.

Whether it’s bonding over a shared cockroach problem or collectively Instagramming the rooftop view from Schafer, you and your flatmates will start to display the personality traits that make your halls unique.

Ramsay Hall

A classic Ramsay fresh gathering

Despite looking a little bit like a really miserable office block, Ramsay’s reputation precedes it. Whether it’s someone taking a shit outside your door, being banned from pre-drinking in your common room, or simply hosting a “sausage arsonist” in New York, it’s safe to say life isn’t dull here.

Ramsay is one of the most expensive halls at UCL. Residents here have minted parents and never shut up about the fact that Coldplay lived here in 1996. Any chance they get, they’ll remind listeners that the song Fix You is in fact about the nearby BT Tower.

Astor College


Pretty much the same as Ramsay, but slightly less wild. Astorites are a criminally underrated bunch who live in a labyrinthian concrete construction- more go in than ever go out…

Ifor Evans

Why so many flat dinners?

When they first discovered they were living in Ifor, many told all their school-mates they were going to live in cool, bohemian Camden. The reality of Ifor is mostly just deciding whether or not it’s worth it to walk to campus, wondering why the N29 is the scariest bus in the World, and the final realisation that Camden is actually pretty shit.

However, Ifor residents love to post group photos of massive flat dinners, so it’s fairly evident that while it may be cold and frightful, people actually gel quite well.

Max Rayne

You'll probably end up on strike

Most end up on strike

Described by an Ifor Evans resident as “a really shit hippy commune”, Max Rayne is a tight knit community of people who are so done with UCL by the end of first term that they make national news. Not that anyone blames them, what with the cockroach problem and extortionate rent.

Despite resembling a 1950s Soviet apartment complex, Max Rayne students adamantly defend their halls for “having actually really useful windowsills”.

Schafer House

Vintage Schafer rooftop shot

A vintage Schafer rooftop shot

Not as soul-crushingly miserable as Max Rayne and without Ramsay’s regimented meal times, Schafer straddles the student middle ground. Every fresher in Schafer has definitely Instagrammed the rooftop view at least once – otherwise, how would anyone know they lived there?

Whilst not known as a party hall, literally everyone at UCL has ended up at pres in Schafer at least once – probably because they’re so close to uni.

Intercollegiate Halls

The fabled Connaught bar

The fabled Connaught bar

A tricky one to pin down because Intercollegiates are spread all the way from Paddington to Russell Square. It’s safe to say they’re pretty cosmopolitan, rubbing shoulders with students from SOAS, LSE, and the Royal Academy of Music.

Each hall has their own little individuality, living on Edgware Road, Nutford house residents are experts in Lebanese food whereas Connaught people are permanently smug for having their own college bar.

Goldsmid House

Judging you for not knowing South London

Judging you for not knowing what Lambeth is

Living in Goldsmid makes residents permanently bored of getting the Victoria line at rush hour, fatigued of the monumental trek back home from Loop and simply tired of explaining where they actually are (near Victoria in case you were wondering).

On the plus side they all bond over the crap location and have probably already made it south of the Thames more times in two weeks than most people have in three years.

Campbell House

Fun when you're not dodging bits of falling ceiling

It’s fun when you’re not dodging bits of falling ceiling

Technically two different halls (East and West), Campbell House residents are the original rent strikers after they kicked off over the seemingly endless building noise coming from campus.

They’re an athletic bunch, with  killer legs from climbing all those stairs and lightning fast reactions from dodging all the chunks of falling plaster.

St Pancras Way

Also a really nice view, bastards.

They all have double beds and and en-suites, so put up with the fact that everybody hates them.