UCLU Officer makes Inspirational Video on how to Succeed

Asad Khan describes himself as a “Success Strategist”.

This year’s outgoing Activities’ and Events’ Officer,  Asad Khan has produced an inspirational video, outlining his view on success, uploaded onto his new professional Facebook page.

The one minute video that resembles an Apple advertisement sees Asad state, “The most important thing in achieving any goal or dream is belief”.

asad khan

He later argues, ‘Most people don’t fail because it’s too hard, they fail because as soon as it starts to get difficult, they loose belief. Think about Steve Jobs, Thomas Eddison, the Wright Brothers. They all could have focused on why it wouldn’t work, they only succeeded because despite all the set backs, they kept believing.”

The description bar for his new Facebook page reads “Asad Khan is a success strategist. His methods revolve around identifying and dismantling limitations, eliminating fears and elevating expectations.”

Macer had been fighting with Kurdish forces against ISIS

Macer had been fighting with Kurdish forces against Islamic State

Asad has been no stranger to controversy over the last year. There were allegations of mass fraud following his electoral victory last February and in November, Asad made national headlines following his initial refusal to allow UCL alumni Macer Grifford to speak at an event run by UCLU Kurdish Society.

At the time of writing, the video has had just over 200 likes.