Open Day Protest tomorrow

The “Mass Mobilisation” is an ultimatum for UCL to cut students’ rent

A ‘Mass Mobilisation’ organised by UCL Cut the Rent is set to happen tomorrow afternoon in protest to the treatment that students have received from UCL during the negotiations over rent.

Rent strikers campaigning back in March

Rent strikers campaigning back in March

This is set to coincide with the UCL Open Day which is also happening tomorrow. On their website, UCL says that the open day is designed to “give you a great opportunity to visit our campus, meet current students and staff, and find out if UCL is a place where you would like to study”.

On the Facebook event, Cut the Rent claim that the protest is designed to force UCL back to the negotiating table by disrupting ‘their hollow marketing’ as well as an ultimatum unless students are given a cut in accommodation rent.

Last week UCL said that students currently on rent-strike will face a fine and debt collection unless they settle their accommodation fees by the end of next week.

The Protest is scheduled to start tomorrow afternoon at 1pm, Torrington Place.