BNOC of the Year 2016: The Final

Over 5,800 of you have voted so far!

After five groups and twenty potential BNOCs of the Year the time has finally come to decide who has been UCL’s biggest name on campus this year.

Competition has been fierce with nominees ranging from Rugby lads (or indeed ladettes), to Union bigshots, to social media stars. The only thing standing in the way of these names and becoming the BNOC of BNOCs are your votes – so get casting.

Marjolein Heemskerk

what happens on tour stays on tour

What happens on tour stays on tour

Marjolein won Group One with 35.7% of the vote, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat in the final moments of the competition.

Next year’s Women’s Rugby Social Sec, Marj is the last fresher standing in the competition. Not only is she known for her “incredible fashion sense” and “outstanding gig attendance”, she’s also single handedly repairing the deep schism between UCLU and RUMS Rugby through romantic Parisian pizza dates and dental hygiene sessions.

A win for Marj would surely be a boost to both freshers everywhere, and our own WRFC. Who knows, if Heemskerk can bag BNOC of the year and fix UCL’s (second) biggest rivalry then surely the next stop is world peace.

Nathan Simkiss

short, fat, and dirty

Short, fat, and dirty

In what was an incredibly tight competition, Nathan Simkiss crushed his rival rugby social sec, Ursula Runacres, with 42.03% of the vote in Group Two.

Described as the “biggest (bantam weight) rugby lad on campus” as Social Sec Simkiss is usually found with a snakebite in hand, or organising what are bound to be incredibly civilised events for men’s rugby. Founder of the UCL Wolf Pack on Zone App and next year’s Bacardi rep, Nathan has his fingers in many pies.

A win for Simkiss would mean cementing UCLU Men’s Rugby’s place as campus alpha-males, and would probably go very nicely alongside their BUCS Club of the Year win from 2015.

Tamid Chowdhury

long live uclu

Long live UCLU

Tamid is your Group Three winner, running away with a whopping 46.59% of the vote and absolutely trashing The Tab’s very own Ben Foreman.

Tamid is next year’s Union Chair and secured the highest number of votes for a Part Time Officer during the spring elections, so it’s safe to say he’s cultivated his popularity well. Frequently spotted in the Science Library “doing anything but studying” Chowdhury is a big Union name, having run for (and won) half the Union roles in the past two years.

Despite accusations of being out of touch, if Tamid were to win BNOC of the Year it would be testament to UCLU being anything but out of touch.

James Woodley

serving selcs realness

Serving selcs realness

James Woodley ran away with Group 4 and 43.25% of the vote.

His short but sweet nomination sang the SELCS Soc Treasurer’s praises, “you can’t miss his sass or his hair and he’s even followed by Pia Mia – they’re practically bezzies” and brought up the budding thespian’s performance in the SELCS play Lulu.

Somewhat of a dark horse in the competition, Woodley is neither a member of a UCLU sports team or a Union stalwart and win would be a big upset to the status quo.

Amber Doig Thorne

she's definitely got more followers than you

She’s definitely got more followers than you

Amber Doig Thorne rounds off the final, after beating David Dahlborn in Group 5 with 46.26% of the vote.

Amber, who has been in The Tab not once, not twice, but three times this year, is somewhat of a social media star due to her prank videos with apparent boyfriend Julius Dein. In fact, Amber has over 220,000 followers on Snapchat and 88,000 on Facebook. When she’s not starring in viral videos or attending balls, Amber is the social sec for both Lacrosse and Physics.

If Amber were to win not only would this confirm her social standing, but would also make up for an own goal she once scored – “much to her captain’s disgust.”