BNOC of the Year: Group 5

There’s only one spot left

Four slots have been filled by the biggest names on our fair campus, and only one place in the final remains. In this final pool, it’s up to you to decide who will rise to the top like a triumphant New Zealand, and who will be shamed on their hallowed home turf like Robshaw’s England squad.

Krishan Mahathevan

Mr. Rangeela himself

Eric Cantona posing with his personal hero, Krishan

It’s safe to say it’s hard to find a corner in UCL you won’t find 3rd year medic Krishan in.
 Athletic? Krishan is captain of the UCL/LSE Sri Lankan football team and this year led his team to victory at the TSI tournament, nabbing the top goalscorer trophy on the way. His performances led to fame in the capital with Eric Cantona stopping him in the streets to congratulate him on his achievements.
Musical? Krishan somehow managed to juggle his academia whilst performing  in THREE acts in Rangeela this year which resulted in him being known as Mr. Rangeela by the whole of Hindu society. There are rumours that Rangeela will be renamed “Tribute to Krishan” once he has graduated from UCL.
Business Minded? Krishan has started up his own tuition centre in East London where he spends his weekends slaving away. His BNOC status means he has no shortage of customers with dozens of younger siblings of UCL students attending this tuition centre.
Charitable? Krishan is UCL Ambassador of a charity called The Little Things aiming to improve healthcare in developing countries and it is well-documented that he goes out of his way to help promote the charity around campus. Last year he participated in a 24 hour football match for the charity in which he managed to bang in 163 goals.

Rex Lee

Business BNOC

Business BNOC

Who doesn’t know Rex Lee? With a plethora of accomplishments, along with a highly-desired spring week at leading consultancy McKinsey, Rex is that suave, charming, bright young man who brims with self-confidence and is out to change the world. As the Head of Socials of the famed Business Society, he sure knows how to throw a hell of a party too.

Amber Doig Thorne

UCLU Mens Lax's biggest fan

UCLU Mens Lax’s biggest fan

Nominated by Mixed Lacrosse captain Jack Poole, Amber Doig Thorne It’s a name we have all heard. The 3rd year theoretical physicist does more extracurricular activities than she does drinking – and that’s a lot.

This last year she has been Physics Soc social sec for the second year running (recently re-elected), participated in Rangeela, and has been a staunch part of The coveted UCLU Lacrosse ladies and mixed teams (and mens team where she acts as their “physiotherapist”).

She’s also known for appearing in the Tab three times. Attending 4 balls in 5 days, as part of UCLU Lacrosse’s varsity promo video, and in an interview for her part in Julius Dein’s prank videos – which now have over 200 million views.

Amber also once scored an own goal much to her captain’s disgust.

David Dahlborn

he may not have won SEOO, but he won our hearts

he may not have won SEOO, but he won our hearts

Once dubbed by us as “Sweden’s Sexiest Man“, David Dahlborn is no stranger to the limelight and everyone – from the most miserable Max Rayne fresher, to the entire sabb team – knows his name. Longtime nemesis of Michael Arthur, Dahlborn has turned his sights onto resident UCL villain Rex Knight over the ongoing rent strike. A man who most likely loves co-operative housing schemes more than his own mother, chances are if there’s a demo the Dahlborn is the man behind it – and he wont stop until every cockroach is gone.