BNOC of the year: Group Three

Who will win?

Amaan Naeem

amaan of mystery

international amaan of mystery

This man is everywhere and anywhere. You’ll see him hitting up Cargo, Fabric or Saucy regularly, or he’s not there he’ll be pumping iron in the gym. His notoriety stretches across courses too, known for both his exceptional maths skills and abysmal Arabic ability. Amaan’s friendship circle is wider than you’d think. This stretches to girls too, of which he’s had plenty of offers after his successful stint due to the Tab’s valentine day article. Truly one to watch as he continues flourishing at university.

Tamid Chowdhury


everyone's fave union chair

candid af

After running in (and winning) half of the roles in the union elections the past two years, you will never fail to spot tamid in the science library doing anything but studying. On the occasions your (highest vote count for a PTO) Union Chair isn’t there, you’ll find him engaged in some philanthropist/activist work, in the gym or taking 30 minutes to walk through main quad just to stop and say hello. He’s also notorious for dynamic wardrobe changes… Donning a smart casual look one day and a (wannabe) American gangster the next – rather surprising look given his soft-as-snow voice and poetic ways of talking.

Celia Willoughby

surrounded by her adoring fans

surrounded by her adoring fans

Nominated by The Tab’s very own Andrew Tindall, here’s his case for making Celia your BNOC of the year:

“Queen of the gays, some call her. King of the Geographers, others call her. As LGBT+ officer Celia is well connected with what’s hot and what’s not; and we all know gays are leaps ahead with everything. You’ll find Celia slumped in the corner of cocktail bars across London; on the main stage in Heaven – shaking what god gave her or being carried down the street by a herd of gays (I think that’s the multiple for gays). A vote for Celia is a vote for equality, true stardom and all that’s pure on this earth”

Ben Foreman

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 14.24.16

An all round top boozer, Ben uses his great networking skills to blag himself loads of free shit. However he may have to utilise that cooking course he did for DofE, as his over achieving girlfriend will need him to stay at home and look after the kids when she’s making bare p as a high-flying banker.