BNOC of the year: Group Two

Battle of the social secs

Another day, another group of BNOCs fighting for their place in the final.

Today three social secs battle it out and resident student media titan, Becky Pinnington, finishes off the group. Who will come top of this hotly contested pool?

Joe Watts

gap yah vibes

gap yah vibes

While absolutely smashing firsts over in the the politics department of SSEES, smashing pints down ULU every wednesday as Cricket Club Social Sec and indeed picking up numbers for 10 girls a week behind the Birkbeck SU bar, Joe Watts seems to be such a down to earth guy.

Somehow seemingly unaware of his grossly huge popularity on campus this individual encapsulates the great qualities you look for in a BNOC at UCL; secularism, fondness of utilitarianism (his diss is on it), and above all fun loving and friendly. Always seen surrounded by a throng of people at either the library, ULU and Loop, this man is a textbook BNOC

Ursula Runacres

looking grape x

looking grape x

With not one, but two separate nominations this year’s Womens Rugby Social Sec is a popular choice. She’s rumoured to have only missed two Loops this year – one of those times being when she was in a neck brace. Always seen with a vodka lem in hand.

With a voice resonating across the pitch, Loop and often the library – if you can’t see her you can definitely hear her. Only ever seen in Rugby stash, this year’s rugby social sec is always striving to improve inter-club relations with other sports teams.

With no one entirely sure how to pronounce her full name, all her mates have simply resorted to calling her Sue. Did you know she did her gap yah in Malaysia?

Nathan Simkiss

short, fat, and dirty

Self-proclaimed biggest (bantam weight) Rugby Lad on Campus, this turbo isn’t seen dead unless he’s got a pint of snakebite in his hand.
Social Sec of Rugby, Zone App genius – yes thats right, he’s the man that founded the UCL Wolf Pack – and next year’s Bacardi rep begs the question, is there any pie this bloke doesn’t have fingers in?

Becky Pinnington

everyone's fave student media baron

everyone’s fave student media baron

What do you mean who’s Becky Pinnington? Directed an Musical Theatre show in Term 1? President of Pi Media? Relentless student journalist and Freedom of Information Queen? You probably know her for one thing though – downloading UCL documents and being threatened by UCL management.

Subject of a petition, tweeting relentlessly, attending demos, shouting loudly – everyone’s heard Becky whether they like it or not. She’s everywhere. And she’s probably going to work for The Times you know.