Demo planned in quad tomorrow protesting censorship and rent

Two birds with one stone

Student organisation, UCL Cut the Rent (CTR), are hosting a demonstration in the main quad this Thursday at 6pm.

Glibly dubbed ‘Rex Knight’s retirement party’ the demonstration is not only in solidarity with students taking part in the Max Rayne rent strike, but also with Pi Media president, Becky Pinnington, who was bullied by UCL after obtaining profit forecasts regarding rent.

The documents were set to add fuel to the fire of the current rent strikes

The documents were rumoured to add fuel to the fire of the current rent strikes

In a press release published three days ago, CTR said: “UCL executives, led by Rex Knight, have been exposed in their attempts to censor student news magazine Pi Media and its president Rebecca Pinnington. This following the discovery of internal reports by the publication which revealed the university is lying to the public about their rent-setting policy. The UCL Cut the Rent campaign – who have organised the ongoing rent strike – condemns this repression of legitimate dissent as the actions of a beleaguered and anti-democratic administration that must be held to account.”

The release went on to express solidarity with Pinnington, with one rent striker – Sarah Benemar – saying: “We rent strikers support Rebecca and admire her courage for speaking out about UCL’s repressive actions. This situation highlights what the strikers have long denounced as a culture of secrecy on the part of UCL management in their attempt to hide the exploitation of students in their undisclosed rent setting policy.”


The demo comes after UCL were exposed attempting to silence Pinnington after she obtained, allegedly, information about profits UCL were making through students’ rent. The information was left publicly accessible for an extended period of time as part of a Microsoft Outlook calendar.

UCL denies threatening Becky Pinnington, however in their press release, CTR have claimed that they are in possession of a letter – signed by vice-provost Rex Knight – which threatens student journalists with expulsion.

You can find more information about the demo here.