Turkish Soc to host Candlelit vigil in the Quad tonight after Ankara attack

32 people were killed in Ankara last night

UCLU Turkish Society are holding a candlelit vigil tonight between 6 and 8pm following a car bomb in the Turkish capital, Ankara, which killed 32 people and wounded over 100 others last night.

The event page says tonight’s event is in solidarity not only with the victims of last night’s attack and their families and friends, but also for “all those who live in fear”. The event is open to all, not just members of the society.


There will be plans to put up an ‘Ankara’ banner on the Portico railings, despite VietFest ending as the vigil begins.

This is not the first bomb attack Ankara has suffered this year, with a military convoy having been targeted last month. In fact, Ankara has dealt with three major attacks in the past six months, with more than 100 people killed at a peace rally last October.

UCLU hosted a vigil for the victims of terror attacks last November, however this is the first event of its sort hosted by UCLU Turkish Society.