Oxbridge is a waste of time: UCL should have been your first choice

Hell yeah


UCL is ranked the seventh best university in the world, and third best in the country. Yet for many, UCL didn’t make it to the top of their university choices. It was a second choice- a settle. Japanese canteen instead of Wasabi. And the answer is simple: Oxbridge.

But there are so many great things about UCL that Oxbridge, or any other university for that matter, just doesn’t have. Here’s why UCL should have been your first choice.

It’s in London

There’s no doubt London is expensive. But the amazingness of it is almost worth the price. Besides, if you know the right places to go, there’s no reason to spend more than you would in any other city (except on the rent). London is an extremely student friendly city with plenty of places to eat under a tenner, student discounts in hundreds of stores and restaurants and you can even get theatre tickets for a fiver. There’s also so much going on which you can get involved with, whether it’s celebrating Chinese New Year in Trafalgar Square or playing Holi with 1000 other people at the Olympic Park. None of that can compare to any other UK city.

London beats any other city

It’s one of the most diverse universities in the UK

With 33.9 per cent of UCL students being international, we have some of the most diverse student demographics in the UK. UCL’s students come from over 150 different countries around the world. There’s a certain appeal to having friends from all over the world and knowing people from all walks of life, and it’s so much more enriching as a person to be culturally aware of others. It’s also pretty handy having friends from all over who you can visit during the summer holidays. Travel goals sorted.

It’s pretty

OK so probably not one of the most important factors, but every little helps. There’s no denying that UCL is aesthetically pleasing, just look at it – you get a certain sense of belonging on a warm sunny day eating your packed lunch with your friends on the portico steps. It’s a quintessential part of being at UCL student. Also UCL isn’t anal about stepping on the grass unlike other universities named Cambridge.


We work hard but we also have fun

UCL just has the work to fun ratio on point. Yes, we have to work a lot but we can also afford to get smashed off our faces at least once a week. Especially with all the £1 drinks going around. Can you really do that at Imperial or Oxford? I think not, unless you want to fail.

The dolla

UCL graduates earn around £3,000 more than the average graduate in the UK and 90 per cent of its graduates are employed within six months. So chances are, if you chose to study at UCL, you’re going to have a fair bit of disposable income lying around. So don’t worry about all that money you spent on rent in London for three years, it will make its way back into your wallet in due time.

So there you have it. For all you Oxbridge rejects that only came to UCL because you’re Oxbridge rejects, you should feel extremely lucky you didn’t end up in a village full of churches, white people and grass you can’t touch. UCL isn’t a settle, it’s the best thing that ever happened to you.