SCANDAL: Vegan fury as meat products discovered on Meat Free Monday

They’re selling crisps with meat extract

Stop what you’re doing. Everything you know is a lie. Meat-free Mondays are fake.

Beef crisps containing meat extract are being sold all around UCL, but most surprisingly in their own cafes. By UCLU.

Conspicuous but hiding a dirty secret.

As if banning meat wasn’t bad enough, they can’t even be bothered to check whether the item is suitable for vegetarians.

Fourth year prolific-vegetarian Pratiksha Vekaria said: “I think it’s appalling UCLU, despite trying to promote Meat Free Mondays, still continues to sell crisps with animal products in them.” She went on to say how UCLU are “misleading” serious practitioners of vegetarianism or veganism.

She added: “If any bystander can spot this error, then an entire union should be able to.”

Don’t worry, if you can’t read English it tells you not suitable for vegetarians in many languages

There have also been accounts of “fishy” business as underground sales of fish finger butties at Bloomsbury café have been reported. A tuna baguette was also spotted in Gordon’s earlier this afternoon.

UCLU have not yet responded to our request for comment.