Sports Night is the best night of the week, especially if you don’t play sport

It’s the one time you can get really messy

If there’s anything I’ve noticed about second term, it’s that several people have decided to abandon their love of cringey student nights out in some sort of bizarre attempt to rebrand themselves as edgy individuals. Naturally, this involves the neglect of Sports Night. While for the mobs of avid hockey players and netballers this is obviously less so the case, I’ve heard far more “why do you even like Sports Night? It’s gross???” comments in the last few weeks than I’ve ever heard before. Granted, I will fundamentally accept the fact that Sports Night is gross. But other than that, I could not disagree more. There is absolutely no reason not to absolutely cherish Sports Night. And I don’t even play sport.

I’m not sure who you think you are if you don’t think Sports Night is the height of the social calendar and I’m not sure why people won’t just embrace the paralytic messes they’re destined to be. Genuinely, what could possibly be so bad about being absolutely white girl wasted in a weird dark flashy room surrounded by every single person you know with incest literally unravelling around you? It’s hilarious. It’s cheap. It’s the epitome of student life.

Is it even a Wednesday if you don’t get photobombed?

And belonging to a sports team really isn’t necessary: there’s no reason to reject Sports Night on the basis you couldn’t be bothered to join a society in week one of uni and now it’s too late. If anything, being sports team-less is a BLESSING.

Perks include the fact that you can technically belong to a team for the night because you’re out with that one random friend you have from lacrosse, without the commitment of having to stay with them for the duration of the evening and partake in all of their weird traditions. Through being team-less, you don’t have to endure the bizarre, competitive relationship that teams seem to have as to who’s best or who’s created the most debatable dress code for the night.

Most importantly, you’re not caught up in the weird notion that because you play for a sports team once a week for your bang average uni you’re some sort of high-end professional player (really though, why is this a thing). I’m not saying this is predominantly men’s rugby, but I’m not not saying that. While these embarrassments charge around the student union like they have some of divine right to, you can remove yourself and instead enjoy how this adds to the hilarity of the night.

Sport aside, there are so many reasons as to why Wednesday night is the best night of the week. Why not celebrate the fact you’ve miraculously survived half a week at uni? Drinks are an okay price. Everyone’s out. Nobody expects you to be a well-established adult as you’re guaranteed to be a mess. The photographers are actually really good so you’ve got a definite Instagram on the cards.

Why pay for a photo shoot when u can have it on Wednesday for free???

More-so it’s universally accepted that Thursday will be a total write off. Lecturers have even clocked on. It’s the one night of the week it’s OK to be an absolute state, to the extent that you’re expected to miss your lectures the next day and stay in bed questioning your life instead.

Overall, I think everyone trying to be an edgy twat takes away from the fact that the best night can be found in the student union on a Wednesday. You know everyone there and anyone you don’t know you’re guaranteed to make friends with and share a kebab with on the walk home. People need to get over themselves and cut Sports Night some slack. It is the best night ever.

Who knows who might show up lol xx