Third year goes to four balls in five days

She even got tickets for EFS

You probably settled for just the one ball this term, or maybe even two at a push. 

But that wasn’t enough for third year Amber Doig-Thorne. The Theoretical Physicist went to four Christmas balls in just five days – the Lacrosse ball, Maths and Physics ball (which she organised) the Geography ball and the EFS ball.

Preparing yourself for one of these balls will take you quite some time, and the struggles of finding the right dress are inevitable and can be overwhelming. Amber wore a different radiant outfit to each ball: if going to balls was a competition, she would be the winner by a country mile.


EFS Ball

Amber confessed she didn’t put much preparation into each outfit. She told The Tab: “I put in literally no preparation. I’m so busy I didn’t really have time to plan, mainly buying dresses a few days before.”

The finalist, who has worked for Lowercase Events for the past two years and loves going out, added: “I normally go out two or three times a week, even though I’m a third year.”

Some of the highlights of her week included the Maths and Physics ball, as well as the Lacrosse ball.

She said: “Maths and Physics ball was great after all of the effort I put into organising it with the Maths Committee, but the Lacrosse Ball was amazing. It was so much fun because all the teams went, and it was a nice difference to seeing everyone in their dirty kit.”


Maths and Physics ball


Geography ball, still glam

She added: “EFS was amazing too because it was so fancy, everyone’s dresses were absolutely stunning. There was a casino and the venue was amazing.

“I think it’s more about who you’re with than which ball you’re at.”

Having friends who refer to her as “Amber-only-extracurricular-Doig-Thorne”,  you could say they are also very aware of how much  she loves to party and have fun.

Amber said: “They expected me to go to one or two balls but everyone seemed surprised I went to four balls in five days, especially with fortnightly course deadlines, sport and society commitments.

“My attitude is you’re only at uni once so you should make the most of every opportunity – whether it’s going to three parties in one night or four balls in five days.”


Lacrosse ball

Amber is currently also Social Secretary for the Physics Society for the second year in a row.

“I was Physics Social Sec last year too, and I planned a boat party for 200 people which I’ve just organised again for January. It’s normal to me now to do this kind of thing.”

It is clear Amber knows exactly how to make the best out of uni, and has undoubtedly put all of us would-be extroverts to shame.