TED talks are coming to UCL next week

Final release tickets cost £35

TEDxUCL’s hotly anticipated talk at Logan Hall will take place next Saturday at 10am.

The talk is based around this years theme of “growth” and will focus on personal, societal, technological and global & environmental growth as 900+ attendees flock to Bedford Way to hear from 18 esteemed speakers.


Speakers include health expert Anastasia Bow-Bertrand, psychology whizz James Brooks and philosopher Peter Cave.

Given it’s the largest event in UCL this year, it’s unsurprising the first 100 tickets sold out in less than 10 minutes, while the second batch sold out in under an hour.

You can still get tickets from the final batch for £35 if you’re a UCL student or alumni, £50 if you’re not.

Tickets include a hot lunch and mysterious ‘gift bag’ as well as light refreshments all day.

Speaker Anastasia Bow-Bertrand said: “TED talks have always been a huge part of my YouTube habit – I am honestly so delighted and privileged to be joining speakers next Saturday exploring the theme of growth.



Anastasia added: “I will be drawing on personal experience and that of contributors to my blog platform (mattersdumonde.com) of mental heath to consider creating the self through writing. Letters, postcards and a distinct absence of my terrible jokes will all feature.”

Student Marketing Director Gus Allen, said: “TEDxUCL is now into it’s 4th year and in keeping with this year’s theme of ‘growth’, the 2015 conference is going to be the largest yet.

“It’s been amazing to see how keen people are to get their hands on the tickets and we’re now expecting an audience of over 1000 people. We’ve got some fantastic speakers lined up and I can’t wait to see it all come together on the day.”

You can find out more about the TEDx talk here.