Madeleine Kowitz is UCL’s fittest female fresher

She even studies Psychology

Yesterday we revealed the boys’ result of UCL’s fittest fresher competition, and now it’s time for the girls. 

Proving Psychology girls really are the most attractive on campus, Madeleine Kowitz stole your hearts and has been voted the most attractive female fresher on campus.

The winning image

The winning image

Known by her friends as Maddie Tk, the 20-year-old model took home 22 per cent of the vote and snatched the title away from second place Mollie Viggars.

The Ramsay-based beauty told The Tab: “I’ve had my eye on fittest fresher from day one. You might have seen me in Regents Park with my boxing gloves on training hard in my active wear.”

She added: “I just want to thank the Ramsey roof for always being there when times got hard. #tk15.”

Better genes than Levi's

Better genes than Levi’s

Maddie is half American so spends time at home in New York and London. She’s currently single and when not strutting around shoots across the city can usually be found chilling at the bottom of the BT tower.