UCL’s internet is down after a cyber attack

At least you’ve got an excuse not to do your essay

Internet connections on campus have been crippled by a cyber attack on a nationwide computer network.

UCL is among a number of universities to have been struck by the DDoS (distributed denial of service) blitz on JANET, which provides UK universities with access to the internet.

Does society place more value on science subjects? JANET’s website – currently unavailable to view via UCL’s web connection – boasts of providing “the fastest computer network in the world”.

Connectivity issues have been ongoing since 9am this morning and are yet to be fully resolved.


Key resources such as email accounts and the library catalogue have been rendered inaccessible – adding extra stress to the end-of-term essay rush.

The Joint Information Systems Committee – the government body which runs JANET – have since tweeted that hackers are still attacking the network.

And the boffins have admitted that they don’t yet know when normal service will resume.

Good luck with your essays.