Joining The Tab London is the best thing you could do at uni

You know you want to

The Tab London are looking to expand our amazing team of writers, which means you could be our next top reporter.

Where else on campus can you write for something that hit 300,000 hits last month? Nowhere, that’s where.

If you want to express yourself freely, write about news your peers actually care about or just have a beer on a Monday evening, there’s no better place to be than The Tab.

We’ve had countless exclusive scoops picked up in The Mail, The Independent and Metro to name but a few and our reporters have had work experience at places like The Tab’s Shoreditch HQ, ESPN and The Sun, and we have a bloody good time whilst we’re at it.


Here’s how our reporters have made more of there time at uni than just watching Netflix:

Ben Foreman

I started writing for The Tab in my first year and wrote a news piece about our campus in Qatar. It wasn’t the most exciting of stories but I had got the bug and I was desperate to write more.

A couple of weeks later my best mate and I visited a £5 million penthouse and the story went huge. We got over 100,000 hits and thousands of shares, then we were doing an interview with MailOnline about our experiences – it was safe to say I was hooked.

I went on to become editor, as I still am, and am in the privileged position where I can publish articles which reflect the wider voice of students without concern for union bureaucracy or over-cautious political correctness. Consequently, I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in breaking countless news stories on rent strikes, starting a huge movement resulting in Macer Gifford being able to speak at UCL, and heard stories from people all over campus from all walks of life.

Oh, and it looks sick on my CV, too.


Don’t we all?

Emili Stevenson

I’ve looked at writing for other student publications before but what makes The Tab so good is that you have greater freedom than the other publications at UCL which seem to have a set style and tone. Plus people actually read it, and there were 10 million views across The Tab network in November, so it’s a huge thing to be involved with. 
If that’s not enough, everyone’s an absolute babe and meetings aren’t a chore with our editor Ben whining at the front at us all, they’re really relaxed and we’ve all become friends as well as co-writers. The core group of people feel like they actually get along with each other, as opposed to other editorial teams I’ve encountered elsewhere at UCL.
Plus, we cover a load more stuff. For example there was the huge Macer Gifford saga which was much more serious, but there’s also stuff like where is the best place to chunder in London which is more light hearted.

Patrick Maguire

I joined the Tab because everyone there seemed like bloody legends. Turns out I was right – and in eighteen months I’ve learnt more from reporting from on campus than I have from my actual degree.

I’m now working at two national newspapers thanks to the skills and experience I picked up during what essentially has been a succession of classic laughs. Much more impressive than a 2:1.


Former editors Patrick and Gabriel

Timea Orban

I got involved in The Tab because I felt like this it was a great channel for my thoughts to be heard by a large audience. 
I felt like I didn’t really know what is going on in UCL, because it’s so big, and I felt I’m not really part of the whole community. Now I feel much more connected.

What I most like with The Tab is I have the choice of writing about such a variety of topics. One of my favourite stories were my piece on my boyfriend dressing me for a week, on the other hand I also enjoyed writing more serious articles such as the one on the London student who was sent to prison for praising ISIS, or the one on students undergoing medical trials for money. There are so many options and I’m so glad I signed up.


Phineas loves us

Paddy Baker

I joined The Tab because I wanted to write some light-hearted pieces which actually effect the UCL community as well as to improve my writing style.

I’ve hung around because The Tab is exactly what it says on the tin, it’s not pretentious but straight up news. I’ve made loads of friends and had my stories read by thousands.

It’s also super fantastic because they give us free curry and have massive socials with the Tabs from all over the UK.

Big up networking.

The Tab takes you places

The Tab takes you places

I dare you to sign up – click here or come to our open meeting this Monday, the 14th of December, in Phineas at 6.15pm.

If you’ve got any questions, drop Ben an email on [email protected] or bring them to the open meeting, we can’t wait to see you there.