Revealed: Islington is the best place to live North of the River

The votes are in

Last week we ran a poll asking you, the students, where you thought the best digs were for second year.

Following a campaign to surpass any UCLU election, the results are in.

After hundreds of votes, we can tell you with confidence, UCL students think the hottest place in London to live is tropical Islington.

Taking a substantial 25% of the vote, the Isling-dons took Holloway’s homeland all the way to the top of our poll.

A proud accolade for Islington

You can see why

Coming in at a close second is the area which brought you the hipster and Barbara Windsor, the gentrified Shoreditch with a solid 22%, whilst the down-at-heel Camden came in third with a solid 18%.

Residents of Euston and Greezdale brought up the posterior (metaphorically speaking), with a miserable 4% and 2% respectively. It seems the name ‘Greezdale’ sells itself.

Areas such as King’s Cross and Mornington Crescent were appropriately average, sparking just as little controversy in our poll as in day to day life, but big up to Islington.

Local MP Jeremy Corbyn was approached for comment but has not got back to us yet.