Man allegedly ‘pushed’ under train at Kentish Town Tube station

Apparently it was deliberate

Police are investigating commuters’ reports about a man being pushed in front of a train at Kentish Town station at around 11. 45 am this morning.

The station has now been evacuated by the police and firefighters, with paramedics from London Ambulance Service attending to the victim, who has suffered serious injuries as a consequence.

The man was described by the driver as being in his late teens or 20s.

Commuter Mel Westwood, a passenger on the train, reports that fellow commuters saw policemen on the scene talking to the person under the train, hopefully indicating a stability in condition.

The British Transport Police have urged further witnesses to come forward as they are “currently treating the incident as suspicious”, with the possibility of foul play being “one current line of enquiry”.

Anyone with any information that could be of use to the investigation should contact the BTP by calling 0800 40 50 40, or texting to 61016.