Campus style: Keeping warm with cool scarves

The perfect winter warmers

Winter has officially descended upon us. What better way to keep us warm, than with a cool scarf to battle against the low temperatures and bitter winds?

Beth and Beatrice, Law, second year


Beth: “My sister bought this for me at a market in Vienna.”

Beatrice: “It’s from Louis Vuitton and my mother was worried about me being cold.”

Meera, Chemistry and Spanish, second year


“It was a present from my aunt.”

Bok, European Studies, MSC


“This is just a replacement scarf.”

Mannix, Maths, first year


“My mother knew I had a cold and so told me to wrap up warm.”

Charnett, Biomedical Eng, PHD


“A friend had got it for me from Thailand.”

Susan, PhD, European Public Policy and Emer, PhD, Structural Engineering


“I just really love scarves, I have this scarf in a different colour too.”

Ed, French and Spanish, fourth year


“It was a present from an ex, it looks nice so I’ve kept wearing it.”

Zainab, Mechanical Engineering, PHD


“It’s from River Island.”

Tomo, Environmental Economics, MSC


Maria and Vanessa, Economics, third year


“My scarf is from Zara.”

Nia, Law, second year


“My family has a tradition of buying me big warm scarves because I’m always cold. This one is so big that is can turn into a shawl and a picnic rug.”