Help this guy who interrupted lectures to find his lost flame on Tinder reunite with Miranda

Do you know who he is?

It was just your usual Medic lecture, until a mysterious man interrupted on the hunt for his recently deleted Tinder match.

No one knows who is he or where he came from, but second years in LT1 yesterday afternoon now want to help him reunite with bae.

He burst into the lecture theatre half way through and asked if anyone knew Miranda – a “beautiful” girl he’d matched with but lost when his phone crashed.

He meant to stumble into a Physics lecture – which is apparently what she studies – but accidentally rolled into Medicine instead.

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An anonymous Medic told The Tab: “We were half way through the lecture when suddenly, this guy bursts through the door and fully interrupts the lecturer.

“He was like ‘sorry sorry I need a minute’, and the lecturer was like ‘huh no get out’ but the boy seemed really serious.

“He went to the front and said ‘has everyone here heard of Tinder?’ and no one replied.”

They added: “A few people heckled him. Then he told us a few weeks ago he matched this beautiful girl named Miranda but his phone crashed and he lost her as a match.

“At this point people were shouting ‘shut up’ and ‘go away’. He was like ‘she’s a second year student and if my research is correct, she should be in this room right now’.

“People were just laughing. The lecturer tried to interrupt and tell him to please leave but he didn’t listen. Then he said she was a Physics student at which someone shouted ‘this isn’t Physics this is Medicine’, and he was in shock like ‘oh my god’.

“The lecturer said please go and the guy stormed out and we all laughed.”


Some strongly believe Miranda might be the love of his life and are more than willing to help him.

Another Medic added: “It was really brave of him to declare his love in front of the entire course, although, he could have just used Facebook.”

The footage is also available on lecture cast for all medical students, but he is unfortunately not in the recording frame.