Petition launched against rising UCL rent prices

Uni accommodation prices have risen by 56 per cent since 2009

Recent student unrest over the costs of living in UCL accommodation has led to a petition against the constant rising price of UCL accommodation.

Canvassers have been handing out leaflets and spreading the word throughout UCL and its halls, promoting the movement against rising accommodation fees.

Over the last six years, student expenditure on accommodation at UCL had risen by an average of 56 per cent, with current students paying, at the very least, £5423.60 for the academic year, although prices for the more expensive properties soar to an excessive £8710.80 yearly rate.

With the average government loan for London students, according to the NUS, remaining at £7208 per year, it becomes apparent that costs are increasing disproportionately to the pace of student income rising.


This means that maintenance loans are mercilessly consumed by payments towards residency at UCL, leaving very little, if any, aside for simple day-to-day expenses.

French and German fresher Joshua Clark, who is working for the cause, said: “This essentially marginalises people and makes them rely on their parents, which is ultimately not the purpose of the maintenance loan.”

UCL will make £15, 779, 000 in profit from halls this year, and this is enough to fund a rent cut of 45 per cent.

The student response to this has been to begin a petition, in the hopes that like-minded individuals will join them in bringing their demands to the attention of the university.

The demands include an immediate rent cut of 40 per cent for all UCL students in uni halls, the “establishment and maintenance” of affordable rent prices for UCL accommodation and transparency and student involvement in the process of setting rent.