It’s going to snow in London this weekend

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Glorious snow is set to cover London tonight according to the Met Office, bringing with it cold winds from the North as temperatures drop in the capital.

It’d be the first time this year snow will be coming round the South of England, though it remains a distinct uncertainty it will actually settle.

Channel 4 Weatherman Liam Dutton said: “Snow is notoriously difficult to forecast in the UK because temperatures are often marginal, with half a degree making all the difference as to whether rain, sleet or snow falls.



“This is particularly true early in the season when the ground is still relatively warm, meaning that it can be harder to determine where snow is likely to settle.

“The latest forecast suggests a small but vigorous area of low pressure will push south eastwards during Friday night into Saturday morning.

“As moisture from this falls into the colder air, snow is likely.”

Londoners, notoriously cynical in the ways of the weather were cynical.

Economics fresher Adam Herwegh-Vonk said: “I hate snow and always have, and even for those who like it it’s going to be the slushy, horrible sort.”

Dubious English fresher Olivia Perett added: “Right now I cannot see a single cloud out of my window.”

Others have been more positive about the prospect, with fresher Niusha Bonakdarian claiming she’s already “stocking up on hot chocolate and marshmallows”.

She added: “Snow really is the most beautiful thing, no?”