The University have confirmed all students in Paris are safe

Many are there on a year abroad

Concerned staff at UCL are offering all the help they can to students studying in Paris following attacks there last Friday.

Students were emailed immediately and asked to contact UCL to let them know they were safe.

The email, sent by the uni, said: “We have been following the news tonight of the terrible events in Paris which have taken place across the city.

“Wherever you are, we hope you are safe and well. If you can, please email us as soon as possible to let us know you are safe.

“More importantly, please contact your friends and family at home to confirm your safety, as many will be worried.”


The email went on to reiterate safety instructions from the French government and detailed numbers students could call should they wish to access the UK Foreign Office.

All but one of the students let staff know they were safe, and it transpired the missing student had been rushed to hospital with a concussion following a false alarm in Paris on Sunday night.

UCL’s Student Support and Wellbeing service (SSW) tried to contact him and also contacted the Spanish Embassy in Paris for support as he is a Spanish national.

Eventually they got in touch with his sister, who explained he has now been discharged from hospital.

UCL continued to email all Study Abroad Tutors to ask for updates, and were informed some students wished to return to the UK, a move with which UCL is assisting.

SSW has also organised exclusive support groups for students in Paris which will begin tomorrow.

All SSW services have been updated, new information and support services have been organised and UCL’s Student and Registry Services have scheduled a meeting for November 25 to direct emergency planning arrangements and to review the service’s actions during this difficult time.

All French nationals enrolled at UCL were also emailed to offer UCL’s support.

SSW have organised a Peace Vigil for Tuesday 24 November in UCL’s Main Quad.