UCLU finally denounce ISIS in new statement

Better late than never

After ever-growing pressure to condemn ISIS following the Macer Gifford saga, UCLU has officially released a statement denouncing the terrorist group.

The statement, released yesterday, said:  “As mentioned in our original statement, the initial decision was taken after a number of parties raised concerns about the nature of Gifford’s talk.

“In particular, there was a strong feeling the event should not be allowed to go ahead without advice from the Metropolitan Police.

Macer now has the go ahead

Macer now has the go ahead

“On Friday 13th November, UCL finally received a response from the police, stating they felt it would be safe and legally acceptable for us to host Gifford.

“Although UCLU continues to be concerned about the alleged human rights abuses associated with YPG, we do realise freedom of speech is of paramount importance on any university campus and in particular on the UCL campus.”

While the comments allegedly made to Kurdish Society President Kavar Kurda were not directly addressed, UCLU finally condemned ISIS, adding:  “In addition, we would like to apologise to anyone who misconstrued our intentions behind the original decision.

“UCLU would like to take this opportunity to unequivocally state we fully condemn the acts of violence and hatred committed around the world by all extremist groups, including ISIS.”


They have also created a banner in solidarity with victims of terror from all around the world which has been signed by multiple students.

Macer is due to talk at UCL on December 2nd and at SOAS on November 26th.