Law lecturers earn over £7,000 more than other staff


Balling Law staff are raking in an average of £53,864 a year.

The figures, from a Freedom of Information request, reveal the lecturers take home nearly £8,000 more than Popular Health Sciences staff.

The lowest paid staff – Popular Health Sciences – earn £45,998 a year on average, with the second lowest paid, Engineering Science, pocketing £47,116 a year.

Staff with the second highest average salary – Faculty for Maths and Physical Sciences – earned £48,458 in 2014, putting them nearly £5,000 behind Law.

The money-maker

Even the Law library is fancy too

The figures also revealed Engineering staff saw a jump in salary of nearly £700 from 2013 to 2014.

Medical Sciences staff earned even less, weighing in with an average salary of £46,644.

UCL told The Tab: “The figures reflect an average for all staff in each faculty and include academic staff and professional services staff on all pay grades.

“The proportion of staff on each grade varies between faculties. Some faculties, such as the Faculty of Laws, have a higher proportion of Professors, Senior Lecturers and Readers compared to other staff which increases the average pay for that faculty.

“The difference in average pay does not mean staff in some faculties are being paid at a higher grade for the same role.”