Would you pay on the first date?

No no, I’ll get this one

Classic chivalry dictates the gentleman pays for dinner, but does the old school idea still exist in London today?

We asked some of you if you would expect a guy to pay, or if you’d insist on splitting the bill.

Sona Yakhshimuradova, first year Chemistry

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“I would expect him  to pay, at least on the first date.”

Christina Gumennaya, second year Politics and East European Studies


“It is such a turn off if he asks to split the bill. Just not romantic at all.”

Sofia Ksiazkiewiccz, fresher

“I would normally insist to split.”

Bence Font, second year Economics


“Of course I would pay on the first date. It’s just how it supposed to be.”

 Daniel Fromyr, first year Neuroscience

“I would like to split the bill.”

Nuria Mayola , first year Neuroscience

“Of course I would insist on splitting the bill.”

Elena Guillet, LLM


 “He should pay on the first date”

Andrea Dutch, third year Literature


 “I would want to split the bill.”

Viktor Agrest, first year Neuroscience

 “I would offer, but I wouldn’t insist if she offers to split.”