Crowd gathers at Caledonian Road tube station to protest planned closure

It’s being closed for eight months from January

Protesters have gathered at Caledonian Road tube station over the weekend contesting the planned closure of the station between January and August 2016.

Cally Road caters for around 19,000 passenger movements a day, including those of countless UCL students, and is being shut for eight months whilst refurbishment takes place on two lifts. petition proposes an alternative and urges Boris Johnson to take a different course of action.

Caledonian Road

#dontclosecallyroadtube is now a thing

Residents of Woodland House, a student accommodation about five minutes walk from Caledonian Road station, are particularly upset with the news, which means an even longer commute.

Mathematics fresher Patrick Viles says: “Alhough the 91 bus is another viable mode of transport, the closure of the tube would result in added pressure on the already packed vehicles.

“A lot of us put proximity to UCL as our most important thing when applying for accommodation.

“And now not only are we in the furthest away accommodation, but there’s no decent, quick way to get to university in 30 minutes or less.”

However Robin Danizeau, who also lives at Woodland House, said: “Caledonian Road is used by disabled people, so repairing the lifts does seem crucial.”