Londoners’ favourite sex position is standing up

Aren’t we adventurous

A fifth of us have voted sex standing up as our position of choice.

In a survey by UKMedix, 18 per cent of us said we prefer it over missionary, cowgirl and 69.

The South-East as a region preferred spooning, with a staggering 38 per cent of the 2,000 people surveyed admitting it is their number one for a bit of fun.

32 per cent of Yorkshire and Humbersider's practice safe sex

No glove no love

The survey also found only 63 per cent of us practice safe sex, while the average Londoner described themselves as a six out of 10 when it comes to kinkiness.

There’s little doubt we are the most adventurous bunch, as the only region to claim we prefer getting it on while on two feet rather than our backs: the other 11 regions gave boring answers of spooning, cowgirl, doggy, 69 and missionary.

Elsewhere, Northern Ireland is the best place to avoid STIs, with 79 per cent of respondents claiming to practice safe sex.

Meanwhile, if you’re keen for kink, you better avoid hitting the South West, they only gave themselves a kinky-rating of three out of 10. But did you expect anything else?