A new app tells you when the air is freshest in London

Escape the pollution

Worrying figures recently revealed pollution levels in the capital are illegally high.

Now new app Plume tells you when levels of nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide are at their highest, so you can see the quality of the air you’re breathing.

It collects data from multiple sensors across the city, and rates the air from “fresh air” to “extreme pollution”, with advice on the best time to head out for a run, cycle or Wasabi-in-the-quad.

It’s had over 3,000 downloads in London, and using this handy app, we’ve devised a timetable so you can breathe pure, crisp air all day long.

5:30am: Exercise

You breath in the most when you’re exercising, and the only time Plume reckons it’s safe to get some outdoor exercise in is pre-six o’clock – in the morning. Yes you might be a bit groggy, but if it’s preventing you from dying are you really bothered?

"At least I wont get cancer"

‘A run at five, keeps my lungs alive’

If you’ve been on a night out the night before, you could just stay awake and get a quick five kilometre run in, then get back to sleep and feel fresh as a daisy before uni.

12:30pm: Food

You’ll almost definitely be in uni by now, and you’ll probably be hungry after your dawn run so you’ll need to refuel. Perhaps you’ll want to get a Print room. Let’s be honest though, you’re not going to get a seat and you’ll have to sit outside.

Take it easy though, Plume warns: the pollution levels are pretty high right now and you don’t want to push yourself too hard.

Does he know the risks?

Does he know the risks?

We’re not quite sure what “taking it easy” means with regard to eating outside, but just in case you should probably avoid spicy food, meals which are too large and probably anything ready made just in case “easy” refers to the cook rather than the recipient.

6:00pm: Getting home

Now your lectures are over you need to try and get home, but it’s a little risky at that time of day because there’s still a moderate level of pollution. Again, you better take it easy so don’t even bother running for the Tube.

I decided to wait in south Cloisters

Could I make it to Warren Street?

Also, if you’ve got a baby – granted you probably don’t – try and keep it indoors throughout this period. In fact, just don’t let the baby outside between six and nine because it’s just not safe for its little lungs.

23:00: Night out

The good news is you can boogie all night without having the constant fear of lifetime damage from the disgusting air outside the club. The air will be fine until the early hours of the morning so you can get boozy without a care in the world. That said, you should probably avoid the smoking areas.