BPOC: Peanut and Milo the kittens

It stands for Big Pet on Campus

It was love at first sight as we first laid eyes on today’s BPOCs. Ordinarily, one BPOC would be delightful, but we were treated to two adorable kittens named Peanut and Milo.

The dynamic duo live with proud parents Shy, Saba and Anicée in Islington. They told us: “They’re little shits, but I love them.”

Names: Peanut (left) and Milo (right)

Ages: 14 weeks

Sex: Peanut (female) and Milo (male)

Breed: Short hair tabby mix

Kittens just want to snuggle

They just wanna snuggle

Too cute

Milo: Don't you dare wake me up, I'm so comfy here

Don’t you dare wake me up, I’m so comfy here

Likes: Peanut and Milo both love exploring. Peanut also has a particular love of her blanket, while Milo is developing a foot fetish.

Dislikes: They both hate hoovers, noise and people – “everything and everyone”.

Picture perfect as always

Strike a pose

Celebrity Crushes: Peanut fancies Chris Patt, while Milo loves Lana del Rey.

Relationship status: “Slightly incestuous”.

Milo also happens to be lactose intolerant and once had diarrhoea on one of the housemate’s bed sheets.


Peanut (left) & Milo (right)

Milo: "Paint me like one of your French girls Jack"

Look at that smoulder

Milo and Shy

Milo and Shy

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