‘English girls can drink a lot’: What Erasmus students really think of us

The tables have turned

Meet Martin: he’s on a year abroad from France, where he studies at Université Paul Valéry in Montpellier.

He’s living in King’s Cross this year studying French literature, translation and poetry. He’s taking in the best England has to offer… and judging us while he’s at it.

How French is this

How French is this

So, do you think we’re heavy weights?

“Yes, when I was in France and  first met English students, we drank a lot on nights out and we were actually really surprised how they could handle their drink.

“English girls can drink a lot too and are up for going out so we were happy to become friends with with them in Montpellier, and it’s been the same in London on my year abroad so far.”

Are we sore losers?

[Chuckles] “Yes. One word. Rugby. In fact, I have a few jokes about it.

“Do you know the difference between a teabag and the English rugby team? The teabag stays longer in the cup.

“What do you call and Englishman in the quarterfinals of rugby? The referee.”

The All Blacks beat them in the Quarter Final

The All Blacks beat them in the Quarter Final

Are we funnier?

“Yeah you are. Well, you can be. A lot of English people are very ‘typical’ English, and that’s funny.”

What do you mean by very English?

“Just in your habits, one of my roommates is obsessed with tea with milk and sugar.”

Is the accent a turn on for you?

“A turn on, what does that mean?”

Do you find it sexy?

“Some girls have a sexy accent when they’re talking English. Sometimes though I really don’t like it, like when it’s too strong.”

Like, a particular accent?

“I don’t recognise particular accents. It just depends. Also, some English girls tend to scream at each other a lot when they’re over excited which is really funny and weird. It’s so English. Why do they do that?”

Everything is more civilised in France

Everything is more civilised in France

What do you think about English food?

“I think most English people eat really bad products, like the industry of food in supermarkets and chains is awful. The rest is fine.”

But you must like London style?

“Yeah, what I really like about London is  everyone can dress the way they want without being scared of being judged which is really cool. It’s really not like that in France.”



So, do you think you’re an English gentleman now?

“No, but I could be!”