Ramsay residents banned from hosting rent meeting in their own common room

They also can’t pre-drink for Loop

Furious Ramsay residents received an email last night telling them the common room would be off-limits between 18:00 and 22:00 tonight.

Students had planned a rent-control meeting while others had wanted to use the space for some classic Loop pre-drinking.

But disappointed residents received an email, saying: “It has been brought to our attention that an unauthorised party has been organised by non-residents.

“Due to this reason the lounge will not be open on Wednesday and additional security will be present on site to only permit entrance to Ramsay residents.”

The email in question

The offender

UCL management insist the closing of the common room was because of the meetings failure to comply with the “two weeks notice” rule.

But student group “Cut the Rent” (CTR) allege it’s really because a BBC crew were coming to film the rent meeting and would damage to UCL’s reputation – especially after last week’s compensation package delivered to Campbell House West residents.

CTR claim: “collectively barring students from their own common room in this way is unfair, arbitrary and completely unjustified.

“Freedom of assembly is a right listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and UCL has no authority to deprive residents of the right to meet in their halls.

“Residents should not be banned from common areas of Ramsay, nor should they be prevented from holding democratic political meetings or bringing visitors to their halls on Wednesday evenings.”

Ramsay is a classic social spot

Ramsay is a classic social spot

UCL denied the allegations, and told The Tab: “Staff at Ramsay Hall were made aware, through flyers, of a planned student gathering in the Ramsay Hall common room.

“To ensure the safety of our student residents UCL has a specific process for organising events in Halls – this includes consulting with Halls Management, informing other residents and completing a risk assessment form for the event.

“Unfortunately these processes were not followed on this occasion and due to safety concerns the decision was made to close the common room for the day.

“We respect the right for students to organise meetings but must also balance this with the safety of our residents – all students must feel comfortable and not intimidated by group gatherings in their home.

“We are happy to work with the organisers and UCLU to find an alternative location for this event.”

The meeting organisers insist the meeting will go ahead as planned.