I tried out the Yoncé Appreciation Society

They’re set to run the world

With charity, racial awareness, body image and clubbing in the mix, the newly-founded Yoncé Appreciation Society ain’t just for the single ladies.

After over 700 students signed up at the UCLU Welcome Fair, Y.A.S. opened it’s doors with a Taster Session on Tuesday evening.

It’s the first society of its kind in the UK, and shared passion for the diva was palpably felt, aided by songs blaring on the speakers and the general humdrum of all things relating Queen B.

“It’s unique, like no other school society”, said Bob Goris, linguistics master’s student, adding he’d like to “start an overseas branch” for the society in his native Belgium.

President and founder Smera Kumar

President and founder Smera Kumar

It’s “not just for psycho Yoncé fans” though, as society president Smera Kumar, and treasurer Stella Guesnet were quick to point out, though many of the planned events will certainly appeal to that demographic.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z themed social nights, visual album screenings, and a massive end of year party will surely get fans salivating.

A dance workshop held by Pineapple Studios choreographer Tarek Khwiss, is also set to entice students wishing to brush up their dance moves for a hard night’s out.

But that’s not all. There are also plans alongside the fun and games to implement a Body Image campaign (I Woke Up Like This), work with racial awareness and LGBT groups to co-ordinate events, as well as organise an Independent Women Day.

In fact, the society is so ambitions it’s already turning heads: it was announced today that they’ve been nominated nationally for Best Society in a Campus Society competition.


Indeed, many attendees of the event seemed impressed by the way Y.A.S. was addressing social immobility and challenges in a more informal way than many groups whose primary concern is such issues.

First-year language and culture student Linda Niemi was one, claiming she enjoyed the prospect of both a “lighthearted” but also very productive society, and hopes that it will lead to an increase of similar societies, like a Rihanna Appreciation society.

R.A.S, T.S.A.S, and W.I.L.L.I.A.M.A.S, here we come!