How dangerous are your halls?

Schafer’s safer


Unlucky freshers living in Bernard Johnson are more likely to be the victims of crime.

East Finchley based Bernard Johnson has the single highest crime rate with 44 crimes in the last academic year, despite being kitted out for families and couples.

James Lighthill had 36, while Ian Baker and Ramsey has 34. Luckily for some, Schafer, Max Rayne, Hawkright, Anne Stepehenson, Neil Sharp and Ifor Evans are crime free according to the data.


Not-so-safe haven

Not-so-safe haven

With freshers moving in to halls from the 19th of September, thousands will be wondering about what their new home is like. With UCL’s home borough of Camden infamous for it’s petty crime, we decided to find out which halls are least likely to get you caught up in trouble.

Stats from show the number of reported crimes committed in a specific area, and has brought about a mind-boggling collection of data.

For instance, halls such as  sleepy John Dodgson House (known as JD to his friends) have a high crime rate due to its proximity to Euston Road and pubs.

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The data also gives an indication as to the criminal tendencies of UCL students, for example the relatively consistent crime rate (a large amount being anti-social behaviour) on Maple Street will come as no surprise to the many who are familiar with Ramsay’s bacchanal reputation.

Absolutely criminal.

Absolutely criminal


The very low crime rate in the April revision period and a sudden explosion during the end of exam jubilations can be explained by thieves spotting rich pickings in the number of inebriated students staggering around Bloomsbury during that hallowed and fuzzy period.