London lauded as a top UK uni to party

By the Guardian…

London has been identified as one of the top five student nights out in the UK.

As if we didn’t need reassuring, the Guardian’s new polls on nightlife in uni cities confirm that trusty old London is very much up there.

While they do recognise “the capital may be hellishly expensive”, they are more than happy to suggest how much London has to offer.


Using the lame tagline “If you’re a student who likes to party, pick a place where the music never stops”, the Guardian gave Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow and Leeds a spot in the top five alongside the Big Smoke.

Wavy places like Dalston and Brixton are particularly recommended in the article for their banging tunes.

Romantic pic in the middle of Koko x x x

Romantic pic in the middle of Koko x x x

Dolan Bergin, who co-founded the Hydra, comments saying London is the place to be “whether you want to find a band, a headline DJ or an intimate basement” – which is true. Can’t imagine finding any of those things in Hull.

Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and Bristol also feature in the top five. Mind you, with booze that cheap, it’s hard to see how you could actually have a bad night.

So, regardless of all of the “omg you’re a student in London, is that not like sooooo expensive???” you’ve probably been bombarded with by the haters over the course of your degree, chances are you’ve had a better time than them anyway.