BNOC of the Year 2015: Group Three

Who will make it to the final?

Oladitan Oladipo

This got 251 likes

This got 251 likes

Big name on campus, big Nigerian on campus, this guy could give Rick Ross an inferiority complex. If, after seeing this, you try and find him on Facebook for some inspo, you’ll struggle – he doesn’t have a profile picture. Now that’s alternative. He’s such a lad it’s in his name twice. Otherwise known as Lala Toure, this smooth operator is a sought after commodity at UCL and is dropping a mixtape soon.

Luke Blackett

Used to winning (right)

What do you mean who’s Luke Blackett? Chair of UCLU Culture Club? Former Film Soc President? Student Trustree? Directed No Exit with Drama Soc? Organised FoMI? Once ran for Bar Careers Secretary with Law Soc? The man with the… very white teeth?

Listen, Luke Blackett is a big deal. He’s always been a big deal. If he’d run for sabb, he’d… well he’d be an idiot. Who wants to be a sabb, right? I think this because Luke Blackett told me to. Let him have this. Just think what it’d do for his LinkedIn profile when he’s applying for magic circle law firms after he graduates! #BACKBLACKETT

Paula Urruticoeachea



Paula Urruticoeachea, with a personality as big as her name, must be a frontrunner for this year’s BNOC election. This 18-year-old fresher already holds a number of titles: Vice President of Consulting for UCLU Business Society, UCL Volunteering Society’s Social Director as well as being the future Social Secretary of the Football team (yes, the latter earns Paula a bar tab for Loop). All of this while thrashing the social sphere. She’s a serial event-attender on facebook, and a triple figure insta-likes kinda girl. Paula runs to lectures, because she has no time for walking. This Spanish Señorita is most herself wearing neon, or some extravagant fancy- dress attire. You can’t miss her. Or, if you have, you’ve almost certainly heard her. Paula’s distinctive voice has the uncanny ability to fill any room she’s in. This is everything we value for being the ultimate BNOC.

David Dahlborn

THE moustache

Does anything even need writing here? We’ve all seen this sexy Swede on posters all over campus. The moustache that wears a man is the envy of all students in and around campus, male and female.

It’s rumoured that David doesn’t even do a degree. How else could he spend so much time battling for rent reductions and putting up posters? Regrettably, the Amazon Rainforest has almost disappeared as a result of his posters, but they’re aiding his quest for cheaper rents and free education.

There are very few name that are instantly recognisable on Campus, but surely everyone’s favourite double-D rampant-rent-reducer is one of them?