Rapper legend Cristian MJC is in the Big Brother house

Did he mention he was a ladies’ man?

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Everyone’s favourite rapper made his debut on Big Brother last night, marking himself as one to watch with the ladies.

The fame-hungry fresher, who described himself as a “ladies’ man” on several occasions, pouted for the camera and name dropped before entering the house.

The Biomedical student, real name Matthew Clarkson, has decided to stick with his “rapper” name of Cristian MJC for the show, but made it clear it was “Cristian, definitely not Chris”.

Speaking before the show, the UCL student said he was ready for the attention.

He pointed out he’s “been in the Daily Mail”, and name dropped a few of his “pals”.

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Cristian chatting to host Emma Willis

Hes probably listening to himself

He’s probably listening to himself

He said: “I was with someone famous and I am sure it will surface.

“I know a few of the Coronation Street people, Hollyoaks people, Made in Chelsea and TOWIE people.”

The self-confessed social media addict also revealed he used to be a national swimmer, with dreams of competing at London 2012 – hopefully his rap career will be more successful.

But his ambitions don’t stop there.

Evidently concerned about the current trajectory of his rap career, he said if it fails he’ll just become a “doctor or a surgeon” – an ambitious idea considering he’s not even studying medicine.

The rapper had clearly put a lot of effort into his appearance, sporting designer stubble and an Essex tan to go with his black turtle neck and navy double breasted jacket.


MJ-Seen on Happn

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Coming in to a mixture of cheers and boos after his treat of an introductory video, the cocky facade quickly faded once he was in the house.

The 20 year old confessed to his fellow housemates: “I’ve actually been like, so excited, which is kinda like… you know what, my heart’s pounding.”

The fresher then told disinterested housemates how he was born and raised in Blackburn, but lived in Reading for two years before moving to London – casting doubt over the legitimacy of his strong South London accent.

And as more and more housemates joined the party, Cristian shied away and struggled to break the ice. Either that or they’ve heard him rap.

The awkwardness peaked as he confidently went for the double-cheek kiss with new housemate Chloe, who only went for one. We’ve all been there.



So suave

So suave

We’re hoping nobody asks him the notoriously tough question “what do you do?”, because the answer is difficult for Cristian to answer.

He said: “How many times have you heard ‘white rapper’? The stereotype is always a black person so people are always like, ‘Really?’ that always comes out.”

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm.