JUSTICE: Entire exam hall granted extenuating circumstances thanks to noisy builders

Bring ear plugs and take the extra marks

Angry examinees have been granted “extenuating circumstances” after loud construction work distracted them for the entirety of their exams.

The exams, which took place in Holborn last Friday featured Geographers and Philosophers, and students spent the duration of their exam battling the ongoing racket of drilling outside.

City Temple

City Temple, Holborn a.k.a. EXAMTM2

The noise prompted a series of complaints from the students, who moaned to the board of examiners and have since been assured that “UCL examinations are recommending that the issue is taken into account as extenuating circumstances” by Jonathan Holmes, the Chair of the Undergraduate Board of Examiners in Geography.

Ah. Extenuating circumstances. Two blissful words everyone wants to hear.

Second year Geographer Gabriel Pogrund was in last week’s exam. He told The Tab: “The construction work made life in the exam unliveable. It was like listening to a woodpecker’s bill bashing into a brittle tree all morning, all afternoon and all remixed to year 11 dubstep.”

The nearby construction site

The nearby construction site

Worryingly, other exams are set to take place in this location and “UCL examinations cannot give firm assurances that these will be free of disturbance” – a nightmare for some, but a great result for many who have left their revision too late and want all the help they can get.