Tab poll results: Nearly half of us are voting Conservative

Look daddy look

UCL is breaking away from Tab tradition and backing David Cameron for Prime Minister.

A whopping 39 per cent are hoping the Conservatives will stay in Number 10 after tomorrow’s election.

Labour are left in second place, with a respectable 35 per cent of us admitting to being part of the Milifandom.


Natalie Bennett and her Green brigade trail in third place with only 13 per cent of the vote, while only five per cent of us are ready to forgive Nick Clegg and vote Lib Dem.

Natalie BAE-nett xx

Natalie BAE-nett xx

Even UKIP aren’t left out, with a teeny two per cent of UCL students backing Farage.

The Tories are the faves across the board, with everyone from freshers to post-grads listing them as their first choice.

Fresher Ben Foreman is among their supporters. He said: “I knew voting in this poll from every computer in the library would work.”