Fire alarm scare at UCL library

The cause of the alarm remains unknown

national noad

Hundreds of panicked UCL students flocked to the quad today after a fire alarm prompted the evacuation of the Wilkins building and Main Library.

With only weeks to go before final exams, there was fear the alarm could trigger chaos among the wired, caffeine-loaded masses.

Students were visibly agitated as sunlight attacked their vitamin D deficient bodies while concerns spread over the safety of much coveted library seats.


‘We’re melting…’

The alarm came as a nasty jolt to a few heavy-eyed students, spotted with Rawls’ A Theory of Justice, still imprinted on their faces.


Some students speculated on what might have caused the false-alarm.


Students are now safely back in their natural habitat and order is restored.

There hasn’t been such a commotion in the library since that time you rustled your crisp packet in the Law bit.