BREAKING: Editor applications are open for The Tab London

You should apply

So, you’ve spent your year dropping third-rate mandy before XOYO and staggering into lectures late the next morning, buzzing like a slowly-dying fruit fly.

You might be a full-time legend, but no one else knows that: not your 1,300 odd Facebook friends, not that KPMG summer-scheme and not that fresher you’ve been ogling at since first term.

Want to put yourself out there? Don’t drum your chest like a coked up bonobo with an arbitrary sports society or write for glossy loser’s mag “Pi Media.”

Apply to edit The Tab.


This year’s co-editor Patrick Maguire

We reel in 200,000 views a month, making us the most read student newspaper in London, and publish the news and views that students want to read.

In the last year, we’ve lifted the lid on accusations of Islamophobia and anti-Semitism in UCL Tory Society, exposed a scandal at the heart of Nietzche society, and brought Bello to the masses.


From our fingers to your eyes

We also grabbed an exclusive interview with a UKIP MP and kept the penny-pinching Provost in check with stories about his exorbitant £360K salary.

Protest featured image

Catching up with Dougie Carswell MP at the student protests

We’ve been splashed on the front page of a national newspaper and made it into publications including the Evening Standard, the Daily Mail, The New York Times, the Daily Beast and even Pi Media, whose creative writing competition we won with a joke entry.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously either – we know you don’t.

Instead of writing what we want to write, we write what UCL students want to read: important news, gonzo features, and provocative and powerful opinion pieces.


Some lead, others follow

With its punchy and irreverent voice, The Tab knows its readership better than the Michael Arthur knows the taste of Chateauneuf du Pap.

Our writers tour luxury London penthouses and organise blind-dates, as well as keeping you up to date on UCL haute-couture.


Tab’s blinddate series

We’re part of the Tab’s nationwide network of student newspapers, which reel in 3 million views a month.  If you’re interested in media and want what you write to reach the widest audience, there’s no better place than the Tab.

If you don’t have bags of experience, that’s fine.

We don’t want to waste our time reading a CV that’s denser than Ulysses. We want someone who’s passionate about student life, ambitious and full of fresh ideas for how the London Tab can up its game.

Email [email protected] and by April 5th with:

• Three article ideas (one news, one feature and one argument)

• 200 words on why you would make a good editor

• How you will improve The London Tab.

If you have any questions, just drop us an email.