It’s the Tab wot lost it: Dahlborn out but guess who’s in

These are your new sabbs


Bookies favourite David Dahlborn will have to settle for a year abroad in Jerusalem instead


Sustainability, Ethics and Operations: Mohammad Ali

Ali braved two big-shot challengers to land a knock out blow against Lacrosse President James Simcox and Swedish people’s hero David Dahlborn, who suffered a tragic Portillo moment.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 15.05.42

Float like a butterfly, sting like a full-paid union official


Activities and Events: Asad Khan 

Khan cruised to a landslide victory despite a 1% vote deduction.


Khan’s Colgate smirk


Women’s: Natalie James

Tory BNOC Helen Chandler Wilde withdrew from the two horse race that saw her accuse members of the Women’s Network of bullying.

Welfare and International: Tom Robinson

Robinson’s puppy eyed posters won the day as the seasoned LGBT+ officer battled off four candidates, including bald eagle and Phineas quiz mainstay David Hunter.


The electorate couldn’t resist those puppy eyes

Education and Campaigns: Wahida Samie

Another humiliating defeat for professional loser Vlad Kardopoltsev, who lost in his 3rd attempt to secure elected office.


Windows 98 paint legend Wahida Samie


Postgraduates: Sugana Nair

3 points for the anonymous Institute of Education hack.


Surveying her kingdom


 BME: Amina Lunat

The former Student Trustee graduates to a big money role as sabb. 


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