Christian Union blasted for inviting crackpot ‘Jews for Jesus’ to canvass on campus

The aim of self-style ‘Messianic Jews’ is converting Jews to Christianity

Missionaries from radical evangelist group “Jews for Jesus” canvassed on campus after being invited by UCLU Christian Union.

On Wednesday afternoon activists distributed Jews for Jesus leaflets as well as flyers for a UCLU Christian Union event entitled “Who Really was the Historical Jesus?”.

Christian Union now say full-time missionary Ziggy Rogoff (pictured below) was not invited to represent the group – despite the fact he was wearing a jumper bearing its logo and distributing official Jews for Jesus flyers.


Rogoff getting his game on

An anonymous spokesperson for the society said: “He was not invited as a rep of Jews for Jesus. The Christian Union does not and has no intention of targeting specific groups on campus.”

“It is not our intention to convert people.”


Speaking to two students the day after Holocaust Memorial Day, Rogoff said: “l wish to place Jesus and Jewish victims of the Holocaust in the same framework of Jewish suffering.”

“I want to bring Jesus into the lives of Jews and gentiles alike.”


The missionaries canvassed outside Print Room Cafe

This week is Christian Union’s annual “Events Week”, with theologians from universities and seminaries delivering talks on campus.

Speaking to the Tab, UCLU Jewish Society President Elliot Miller said: “Jews for Jesus is upsetting for many people. Jewish Society should have been informed about this.

“Jews for Jesus published a dodgy video trivialising the Holocaust last year – so the timing, a day after Holocaust Memorial Day, was somewhat insensitive.

“Cooperation is needed on issues such as this.”