UCL axing accommodation after lucrative IOE merger

Guess how David Dahlborn feels about it

UCL plans to close Institute of Education accommodation at Woborn Square.

Accommodation Rep David Dahlborn alleges that William Wilson, Director of Student Residences, revealed the closures in a private meeting last Thursday.

Dahlborn says: “He [Wilson] told me they would definitely be closing in a meeting we had, last Thursday. He said they would not be renting them next year.”

December’s merger made the so-called UCL Institute of Education Britain’s second wealthiest university, and the largest university in London – with 40,000 students.

The merger means IoE halls fall into the remit of the pantomime villains at UCL Residences.

But UCL and IOE are remaining tight lipped over plans to scrap accommodation.


Callous UCL are closing the swish Georgian terraces

UCL Accommodation and IOE Student Welfare refused to provide details of the closure, instead passing the hot potato to John Adam Halls, which manages IOE Accommodation.

They said 16 Woborn Square is set to be closed  – but added there is “yet to be confirmation” of exactly when.

Accommodation Rep David Dahlborn told the Tab he fears closures will increase pressure on UCL’s disgraceful cockroach-infested halls.

“The Head of Accommodation told me for certain was that IoE rooms at Woburn Square would not be rented again, until they’ve been brought up to an ‘acceptable standard.”


Dahlborn is fuming

Last term saw Ramsay Hall become the most expensive in Britain, while broken boilers and a mice infestation hit Ifor Evans and Max Rayne.

Dahlborn added that remaining IoE halls are undergoing a “condition survey” – but that “they would not say when this would be finished or what the results might indicate”.

UCL-IOE will have to find alternative accommodation if it closes existing digs.

On Thursday students will be meeting to discuss what action to take over the merger and rent increases.