UCL student’s tuition fees petition backed by Owen Jones and Green Party elite

Russell Brand may be on board too

A petition started by a UCL second year to abolish university tuition fees has received over 1,000 signatures of support, with Green Party leader Natalie Bennett and MP Caroline Lucas among them. 

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Watch out Nick, UCL’s coming at ya

The Change.org petition to the UK Government to “Abolish Tuition Fees” was posted on Sunday by English student Beth Perkin and has since gathered support in the run up to today’s Free Education protest.

Its text claims that: “Free education is a right not a privilege.

“With the General Election coming up, we have to act now to take back what’s rightfully ours.

“Demand Free Education. Sign this petition.”

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Part time politician and full time BNOC Natalie Bennett spoke at UCL last week

In addition to receiving support from senior members of the Green Party, the petition also counts Guardian columnist Owen Jones among supporters and says wannabe revolutionary Russell Brand may be on board.

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Comments accompanying signatures on the petition include:

“Education should be a right not a private enterprise”, “BECAUSE DUHH” and “why the fuck not”.

And support isn’t just limited to students, with several parents voicing their opposition to £9000-a-year fees.

One said: “My sons deserve don’t deserve to be saddled with huge debts just for wanting to have a university education.”

As of Wednesday morning, the petition is 306 signatures off its modest target of 1500 signatories.

There are currently just under a million students in higher education in the UK.