When was the last time you cried?

UCL students share their heartbreak, their trauma, their emotions

Flora Warren, Ancient World 


God Save The Queen

“Last time I cried, I was kind of drunk and I listened to football’s coming home when I got back in after a night out. It made me feel really patriotic so I just started crying.”

Alesana, Graduate alesana

“I’m not a student here anymore, I’ve graduated now [pause]… that day also made me cry!”

Anonymous and seemingly heartless


She’s far too happy.

Lily Marchant, European Social and Political Studies


We don’t know who won…

Lucy Ellis, Study Abroad with Fine Arts


Still cheaper than the Bullingdon Club

“Last Thursday because I had to spend £200 for rowing gear and saw my bank balance.”

Sam Adari, Dentistry


Well he is from Kings…

“These things happen, its part and past of the dedication.”

Oystein Lindholm, Maths


We’re big deals, tugging on the heart strings

Pete O’Buchar, European Social and Political Studies



These ESPSers are an emotional bunch

“When was the last time I cried? It involved navals, beer googles and tequila…”