Ramsay rakes in thousands in fines…a month after unauthorised party

A condom machine was yanked off the toilet wall

Ramsay freshers were handed a whopping £2000 bill by halls management this weekend a month after an unauthorised basement party resulted in damage to a toilet.

Ramsay basement

The secretly organised party was attended by hundreds

Freshers had successfully organised an event under the nose of staff that was attended by hundreds of students from Ramsay and Ian Baker on October 17th.

Some of the damage to the £200-a-week halls included a urinal, sink and privately-owned condom machine being ripped off the basement toilet walls.

After a month-long failed witch hunt, halls staff this Friday imposed a ‘maintenance bill’ exceeding £2000 on all 600 Ramsay residents, with each charged £4.00.

fine Ramsay

Freshers say the bill is punitive and unjust

The halls have denied allegations of punitive action, claiming the blanket charge was “purely to cover damage repairs.”

But some Ramsay residents have alleged that the £2000 dramatically exceeds the amount needed to repair the underground loo.

A standard-issue Armitage Shanks urinal costs £100 including VAT and a sink just £40.

One fuming student hit out against the charges in this email to Ramsay Head Warden, Mitesh Vagadia:

Ramsay complaint

Freshers are demanding answers

Unlike proceeds from fines which go to the UCL Hardship Fund, the maintenance bill runs directly into Ramsay’s coffers.

When asked why repairs couldn’t be paid for from preexisting funds, a Ramsay receptionist said the halls have a maintenance budget of £100,000 – but that £2000 is all the halls have ring fenced for minor repairs.

Macnamara out of pocket

Ramsay inmates are out of pocket and out of luck

Students have meanwhile launched stinging criticism on Ramsay for imposing the bill on all students when only some attended the debauched party.

Jonny Marks, a first year Biomechanical Engineering student, said: “It’s an outrage that I am having to pay through the nose for a party I wasn’t even at, especially seeing as the condom machine hasn’t even been replaced.”

The condom machine still has not been replaced.


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