We SHATTERED the Green Party media blackout

The people spoke, we listened

An e-petition demanding the BBC increase its coverage of the Greens has received 85,000 signatures to no avail… so we broke the silence. 

Tuesday evening Green Party leader Natalie Bennett spoke at UCL about her vision for Britain in the run up to the 2015 general election, including plans to scrap university tuition fees.

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Bennett says she is the only political leader in Britain who can sheer sheep

The Australian-born politician spoke to an audience of 130 students about political apathy, lacking social services and financial greed at the top – all specialities of UCL.

Ahead of next week’s Free Education Demonstration, Bennett said education was a “public good” and raised plans to scrap university fees as part of a “peaceful political revolution”.

The Agricultural Studies graduate is running as MP for Holborn and St Pancras, the constituency which includes UCL.

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The room flooded with muesli-loving eco-socialists

Bennett discussed pertinent issues with her potential future constituents, including the UK’s sharply declining hedgehog population.

In the Q&A, Bennett reminded cooing Young Green audience members of her status as Britain’s only political leader who can sheer sheep.

There was none of the campus commotion experienced yesterday evening.

Bennett peacefully discussed decriminalising prostitution and dismissed UKIP as “dangerous, divisive and damaging”.

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Bennett would scupper tuition fees

Bennett concluded: “politics is something you do, not something that is done to you”.

BBC, over to you.

It's fyn we got there first x

It’s fyn we got there first x