LinkedIn think you’re really employable

Good job you took the vowels out your name on Facebook

UCL students are more employable in Accounting, Finance and Investment Banking than Oxbridge graduates according to new rankings, justifying why we all turned down those Oxbridge offers in the first place.

Linkedin’s sharp sounding “University Rankings Based on Career Outcomes” was released this morning for the first time ever and will be a welcome boost in what has been a torrid year for UCL performance.


Employability everywhere

It placed UCL third for graduate employment in Accounting Professionals behind Warwick and Oxford, while it reached the heady heights of second in Finance Professionals and Investment Banking, missing out on the top spot by LSE in both cases.

However, Oxford students waking up this morning can take heart from the fact they have outperformed UCL in the fashionable Marketers and Media Professionals industry. They finished eighth and second respectively in the much-anticipated results from the professional networking site we all have but none of us use.

As for Cambridge, they only just pipped us in Media Professionals employment chances where they languished in 7th and we slumped to 20th. But, the traditionally highest ranked University in the country can take heart that amongst their supposedly gloomy employment hopes they are still happier than us miserable lot at UCL and probably have fewer cockroaches.

Linkedin, which has over 15 million members in the UK, calculated the rankings by employment and education history of its members.